Friends of a Feather Miss Foxxy Dakota, Her story part 3 let the fun begin

Dakota quickly made her way into the hearts of the whole family. She made it very difficult not to love her. She herself is a huge lover, quick to hand out kisses and to snuggle on the couch. House breaking and general obedience work was going surprisingly smooth. I was on cloud 9 with my puppy selection. Did I finally get a dog that would be a lover and would work great in the field?

As with any puppy you take them out and show them off. For me this included meeting some individuals that I hunt with and who I reached out to for help with training her. Suddenly all the traits that I considered positive were being called into question. For a lab she is on the smaller size and with having a 95lb male I considered this a blessing. Now her being able to handle the work involved with retrieving downed geese was doubted. Her loving character meant she wouldn’t have what it takes to make it through training. As was asked constantly why I got a female and not a male. I was unaware that female dogs couldn’t retrieve ducks. She isn’t going to have the same drive that a male would. She might hunt but she will never be anything special is what I was taking from the conversations. I started to wonder if I had made another bad choice. However I wanted a hunting companion first and foremost and I knew she had it in her. I had the chance to see a glimpse of it not long after she was home. I found myself in possession of a dove that was injured.(the next few lines may not be for those bird lovers) Pigeons are often used to train retrieving and tracking a wild bird. With the dove outside I left Dakota out to go to the bathroom. She was bouncing around the yard having a good time when she got close enough to the bird that it fluttered through the yard a little. In that instant she flipped a switch and turned into a serious hunting dog. Never working with birds at all she made quick work of catching the dove and without coaxing brought it to me. I knew she had prey drive and a very serious side when it came to hunting.

We were invited to come to a training day for dogs who were going to hunt test. I thought it would be good to see what it was that we were getting into and maybe have a little fun with the pup. I never really thought we would be participating as she was just 13 weeks old and had done no formal retriever training. They had several other various aged puppies there that day. So we were talked into giving it a try. When she lined up for her first retrieve she became a professional who was nothing but serious and focused. She did it like she had done it a 1000 times before. That same day they did some water work and asked if Dakota had retrieved in the water yet. At this point I had tried some small two or three foot tosses into a lake near my house and she didn’t want anything to do with it. It was actually a major concern of mine. I was promised that they would get her retrieving in water that day. The lead trainer went through the hassle of putting waders on so that he could go into the water with her to make it less scary. We were all prepared to help her what we didn’t know was that she had a plan of her own. We lined her all up and threw a bumper out into the water several feet to see what she would do. As the bumper hit the water I released her collar and yelled “Dakota” so she knew it was time to go. She exploded out of her crouch position sprinted towards the water and with a few feet left to the water took a flying leap into the pond. She hit the water and was swimming smoothly towards her mark. After quickly grabbing the bumper she was back to shore where she gave me her prize, shook off and sat back down as to say that was fun lets do it again. I was grinning from ear to ear while the others stood dumbfounded. This was just the first time of many I would watch this playful pup do things that made me look amazing. It was if she knew that this wasn’t just playtime and that she had a job to do. It was if she was Born 2 retrieve.

Here she is in action!Image

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Friends of a Feather Miss Foxxy Dakota, Her story part 2

The next two weeks were filled with all the normal preparation that goes into bringing a new puppy home. Mixed emotions filled our house that already had two labs. My wife understood the need for the puppy but absolutely hated the idea of having yet another dog in the house. Overall, excitement filled the house. The day came to pick her up and I remember feeling like I did when I was about to bring my daughters home from the hospital. After going through my checklist for the thousandth time I decided I had everything and set out on my way. I arrived at my meeting place with Greg and was reintroduced to my new puppy, Dakota. After a little running around with her I put her in her crate for the ride home. Greg and I finished the paperwork and had some conversation about training and waterfowl hunting.

(I’m going to go on a little rant but I think it is key for anyone considering a puppy) I can’t say that I know how all breeders are but I realized very quickly that Greg and Born2Retrieve were different from what I was accustom too. My research was primarily focused on the dogs not there breeders. Greg had already had his money and everything he needed to leave and make the two-hour drive home but he stayed and talked to me. He listened to my concerns about training and having a gun dog and addressed all of them. It was then that I knew that he wasn’t doing this for the money but the love of dogs. Finding a dog with a great pedigree is good but if you can find also find a breeder who trains and is involved with all of his dogs past and present you hit the jackpot. Spend just as much time looking at the people as you do the dogs it will pay dividends in the end.

Greg and I shook hands and told me to stay in touch with any questions. He then asked to see the pup one more time. Greg has a tough guy exterior but is a giant softy at heart. It was like he was sending his own child away and I may be wrong but I think he was a little teary eyed. It didn’t take long for the little lady to win her way into my heart. After about thirty minutes of listening to her whine in her crate I gave in and put her in the front passenger seat with me. That quickly turned into her curled up on my lap for most of the ride home. My thoughts were filled with everything that was about to come. From the moment we pull into the driveway her training begins. Having a working dog is not the same as having a house dog. Everything that occurs in that dog’s life will have an impact whether negative or positive into the dog you want it to become.

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Friends of a Feather Miss Foxxy Dakota, Her story part 1

I was in search of a puppy that would become my hunting dog. Having hunted with a few good retrievers and a lot of bad ones I wanted to make sure that the puppy was from a breeder that was breeding gun dogs not house dogs. (There is a difference and I will explain it in a later blog.) I did hours and hours of research called countless kennels but wasn’t finding anyone with a puppy right now. I’m not the type to put a deposit and wait for a liter to be born. After finding puppies in kansas, a 24 hour drive, I stumbled upon a kennel just four hours from my house. Born2Retrieve, the name said everything I was looking for. When I called, I found out that they had just two pups left, both female and fox red. After doing some asking around the kennel came highly recommend so I decided I needed to get there right away.

4 hours and 30 minutes after I left my house I arrived just outside of Coudersport, PA a very small town just south of the New York border. The building the kennel was housed in was huge and the propery it sat on was gorgeous. I met Greg, the breeder, who moments after shaking my hand grabbed two beautiful pups. We walked outside and he told me he had to go help the neighbor move something and he would be back. Just as he was about to leave he tossed me a small stuffed animal, a goose.

I let them run around for a little and get comfortable with me and being outside. Then I thought I would play with them so I threw the goose I had been given. Both dogs took off in a flash after it and one pup grabs it and brings it right back to me and drops it in my lap. I threw it again and off they went again the same pup beat the other to it snatches it up and brings it to me dropping it in my lap again. So I grab that puppy and throw the goose for the other one. She runs out grabs it and then wanders off a little never bringing the goose back. I thought it was quite amazing that the first puppy made two retrievers and without hesitation brought it right back and dropped it. So I made up my mind I was going to hold pup number 2 and throw that goose one more time if she repeats her early run she is the pup. Just like the all the other times except this time after dropping it she hops on my lap and gives me a big ole puppy kiss. That was all it took, I was sold! I’d be back in two weeks to pick her up.

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What you will find here

This blog is designed to bring the world of the outdoors, indoors to as many people as possible. We hope to share our knowledge and passion with those who are involved in the sport as well. While on the exterior we may appear to be just hunters but if you follow along we will show you that many layers are here hidden behind the camo clothing.

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